Makenene! we did not stop to eat some nice water melon and soyer as the case with those travelling either from Yaounde to Bamenda or Bamenda to Yaounde.       We stopped  to win souls for Christ ,and to help advance the kingdom of God. We were able to train some key Christians and their leaders  in evangelism and basic discipleship skills. It was very helpful as at the end of the work , they were left to follow up 97 souls who made a decision for Christ from the 305  exposed to the gospel. The goal was achieved through the Jesus film projection,  evangelistic audiences  and one- one strategies.

Two pastors of the Church in two by two practice.
A senior and a junior pastor partaking in the training  on two by two practice.


Offering Jesus film DVD to the divisional officer.
Mathias Offering Jesus film DVD to the Divisional Officer 25/07/2014

Our evangelistic audience team was made up of four persons. Three pastors of the local Church and myself. We reached out to the Divisional Officer and the Mayor. The parliamentarian was not on seat. Before leaving , we prepared a gift to these leaders. I was delegated by the team to  to offer the gift and share with them the word of God. They each received a copy of Jesus film DVD and promised to watch the film with their family members. At the end of the audience, each of the dignitary solicited for follow up  so that the can walk closely with God. The pastors present were  amazed with the effective approach in connecting leaders to Christ. Pray for an effective followup  of these leaders by the resident pastor.

Pastors with the Divisional officer
Pastors with the Divisional officer


Team setting up Jesus film equipment at the stopping point of Makenene
Team setting up Jesus film equipment at the stopping point of Makenene

Projection of the Jesus film was one of the key events that drew many people together to listen to the word of God. Traditional heads together with some muslems  though they were observing the ramadam fast, came and watched the film from  the start to the end. On the last day of projection we saw the youth battling with the decision of watching the film or entering into a night club which was just close to where we were showing the film. The night club owner sure lost some potential night club fans.

Connecting them to the Lord by the senior pastor.
Senior pastor connecting them to the Lord


We arrived Yaounde very well and meet the family members specially the kids and Sylvia doing very fine. Thank you who prayed for them and for you who visited them in my absent.

Blessing, Witness & Joel TIPA
Blessing, Witness & Joel TIPA


Both the  students and the school Director demonstrated their satisfaction at the end of the first class  by their impressive comments and actions. My desire is to see many more effective laborers raised so that they can go for world mission starting in our Jerusalem. I still have five more weeks of two hours each to empower them in the area of evangelism and mission. Pray for strength and wisdom.

Training at Fire Bible Institute on evangelism
Training at Fire Bible Institute on evangelism 29/07/2014

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  • Thank you all who made it possible for us to go and carry out the work of the Lord at Makenene.
  • Pray for an  effective follow up of  souls who made a commitment to Christ
  • I will take one month off from 1st August to have time with the family. Pray i will resume work refresh and prepare for our next missionary year.
  • We are really trusting God for the school needs of our kids. Pray for divine provision
  • Pray for our local team member for good health, protection and for the blessing of God.
  • Pray that through our efforts we shall see God fearing leaders raised and be useful by God for fulfilling the Great Comission and transformation of communities mark by the love of God.

God bless you.

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  1. I praise the Lord with you, for the work done in the lives of these many people.
    I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to them, that they will hold strongly to their faith.

    May you know the Lord’s joy as you continue to serve Him.

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