Walking with Jesus (WWJ) guided adaptation Process scripts workshop was organized for 5 five heart languages (Mandara, Massa, Makaa, Tupuri and Oroko) in Yaounde . On the 15 October 2023 all-mother tongue translators consultants, coordinator, supervisors marked present for the kickoff of the workshop which was expected to run from the 15 October to the 04 November 2023. The lord provided the resources especially the computers that were necessary and suitable for the easy script application. It ran so smoothly, and we were amazed of the excellent outcome registered. Amazed how God used some entities to finish the script adaptations and recording for community review in less than a week and a half. Four Out of the five teams finished their work in less than two weeks. We applauded for the MTTS for the excellent work registered and for the general supervisor mama Su from the USA, Daniel Diaka from Ivory Coast, the consultant from Yaounde and my humble self as the coordinator of the Project. What miracle that we rounded up the project earlier than expected and the next phase of the project is community review which is currently going on in the various communities. They were guided on how to conduct community review and how to select voice actors for recording.


Nearly all the mother tongue translators acknowledged that walking with Jesus film is indeed a film for building the lives of Christians. This was because their lives were impacted during the workshop the reasons they have to testified.


  • Thank God for the successful script adaptation of the 5 languages (Mandara,Oroko,Tupuri,Massa and Makaa)
  • Pray for an effective and efficient Community review for the 5 languages that is currently going on.
  • Pray that they should be able to raise voice actors for the five languages. (Mandara, Oroko, Tupuri, Massa and Makaa)
  • Pray for sound health for all Jesus film actors.
  • Ask God for Security and Gods divine protection on all their families as they stand on the battlefield.
  • Pray for a good resource team for Jesus’ film.
  • Pray for the Jesus film representative for Diligence and Wisdom.
  • Ask God to send in more passionate and resource persons in this department of Heart languages.
  • Harmony and servant teamwork  spirit.

Thanks for praying. Blessing

By Mathias Tipa

Mathias TIPA is a full time missionary working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon since 1999. He answered the call of God while pursuing his studies in university. Mathias obtained a diploma in civil engineering, in mission and a degree in International development. Married to Sylvia and blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness.

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