It gives us joy and satisfaction when Church leaders and their Christians are thanking God for the impact of our work in their lives, in the Church and in their communities. We called this “God in Action.”

This year 2023 a very influential partner Church in Cameroon held a conference for more than 500 pastors. By the grace of God i was invited to attend and also to give a talk on Jesus film Project in Partnership with the Church.

For more than four days the facilitators spoke continuously about prioritizing discipleship in the Church. It was noticed the Church is weak in evangelism, discipleship, Church planting and growth.  As a result of this weakness, the Church is finding it difficult to significantly contribute toward nation building and for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  Executing what was prioritized was a big challenge to these pastors. By the grace of God, Sylvia and i were called to help the Church to realize this great goal of the Church.  It took us some time to contextualize the discipleship paradigm that can produce the desired goal of the Church: Every Christian a disciple of Christ and disciple makers.  Our first experience gave us encouragement because of some testimonies and the second brought joy as a result of thanksgiving from Church leaders and Christians for the impact in their lives, Church and communities. By the grace of God from the two Churches we have launched discipleship in, we are already having more than 350 engaged disciples.  Some church leaders have started multiplying themselves.

October 9, 2023, we started our latest discipleship training in one Church in Yaounde that the Rev. pastors solicited since August 2023 when we were still on vacation. It consists of theory, demonstration, practice, fasting and prayer at the last day.


From left to right, Mathias introduced discipleship and in the last picture, Church leaders perfectly facilitated lessons on Sunday.




Thanksgiving from Church leaders:

The discipleship class went well today. I facilitated class 1, the rev pastor class 3 and mama pastor class 2. Elder Emmanuel travelled to the southwest region.

“Thanks for the fire of discipleship and revival you ignited in the Church”. A Deacon.

“Congratulations, that is a great and good initiative for that district. May God guide you and fortify you.” Field Superintendent.

Difficult yet easy with God.

It’s about three months we started with Discipleship lessons started at the local church assembly. We are humbled and privilege to partner with God as we witness how God is moving and the lessons, he is teaching us as we serve our community. Today we count 28 members in group 1.

Excited today with what God did with Benjamin and Nana. Benjamin from start of lesson was difficult. He was clued to his phone even while lessons kicked off, I recall some group member tried to persuade him keep away. Mama Jane a grandmother in the lord moved from her observant chair and I could see her try to persuade   Benjamin. I saw a young guy who was insecure, and I can’t explain but I felt it was not necessary. I felt within me that this was going to hush him down and or stop his participation in the class. I asked Grandma to let it go and thank her discreetly with a symbol. I remained focus on the lesson the mid-way of the lesson I noticed Benjamin had dropped his phone.

Rounding up the Discipleship lesson on the having a personal testimony of salvation, I asked Nana if he had a story, and his reply was no. His thirst to have, made it easy for him to accept the invitation to open His heart to the lord. Benjamin who proved difficult, looked straight into my eyes exclaiming “I too want to have a story with GOD.” What I had termed difficult was easy with God.

Discipleship carried from church to home community impact.

“Stop not the little children from coming to me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. This sums up what Lydia, a co-leader and trainer from our local church discipleship group did. Passionate to fulfil the great commission and teachable to learn from our discipleship group had 5 kids sent to her for the long vacation. These kids are of ages 5 to 10. Impressed with lessons ventilated from our discipleship group, Lydia programmed talks title ‘friends of Jesus” accompanied by the usage of Jesus film segment show for the kids. Lydia’s feedback was these kids as young as they were, did not only raise up their fingers showing their willingness invite Christ into their lives and to be a friend of Jesus, but they also equally watched Jesus film and wrapped up with tears rolling down their cheeks.

Public Denouncement from Sin

Janne before getting into water baptism was huge blessing to our discipleship and an epic demonstration of life transformation. She not only gladly but boldly shared her story of how she moved from a pastor’s kid to a Christ centered encounter. Janne was divinely rescued from rape during her end of year school party while she witnesses the death of her close class friend with whom they both plaid “games”. These experiences demonstrated to her Gods love and helped her realize hell was real (often reminded by her Christian Parents) and sooner or later we all shall have to give an account of the choices made and taken. Her testimony pulled the entire crowd to witness her public denouncement from sin through Baptism.

As we are writing, received 2 other invitations from other mother churches to initiate and build discipleship programs for leaders and members.


  1. Thank God for using us to build up lives of His Children.
  2. Pray for the engaged disciples that Christ should be form in them richly and become disciple makers.
  3. Pray that when Christ will come His people should be ready.
  4. Pray for the body of Christ to be build up and that the multiplication principles should be put in place for rapid expansion.
  5. Pray Colossians 1:24-29 for me and others called for the purpose.
  6. We envisaged to have at least 2000 engaged disciples by the end of the year 2024.

If you want to collaborate   with us to move the work forward, click here to securely invest online in our ministry and our lives.

By Mathias Tipa

Mathias TIPA is a full time missionary working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon since 1999. He answered the call of God while pursuing his studies in university. Mathias obtained a diploma in civil engineering, in mission and a degree in International development. Married to Sylvia and blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness.

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