Welcome!  Mathias and Sylvia TIPA are both full time missionaries working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon for more than 23 years. Both answered the call of God while pursuing their studies in University. Mathias obtained a diploma in Civil Engineering and a Degree in International Development. Sylvia has a master’s degree in development and project management from the Catholic University of Central Africa Yaoundé. They are blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness.
At the moment, Mathias is Coordinating the Jesus Film Project work in Cameroon. He helps translate Jesus film and other evangelistic materials into local languages while collaborating with partners. After translating, they mobilize and train Christians and Church leaders in Evangelism, Discipleship and Church planting while exploiting these tools. The aim is to accelerate the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

Sylvia works with young people specially students in colleges. She has a passion for Women and the girl child.  We both work with widows, orphans, street children and we also offer humanitarians assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) .

Your coming on board is an answer to our prayers.  As our work keep on expanding with needs and also the family needs, we keep on praying for the Lord to increase also our resources. Our few faithful partners are really helping to advance the work in the ten regions of Cameroon. We believe we shall have greater impact as the Lord gives us  more partners.  We are excited for the fact that you are coming on board to help accelerate the fulfilment of the Great Commission in our nation.

They are blessed with three Children Blessing, Joel and Witness Tipa