Dear Friend and family

We bring greetings to you and your family in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God in Action rescuing the young people. We noticed 90% of young people build up character traits from schools and 95% are exposed to foreign and ungodly values. The drop out develop character on the street and are treat to the society. In Cameroon, the fear of God and moral values has been excluded from our schools. Many homes are not Christ centered. Children from such homes even from Christian home seem powerless and voiceless. Cults and sects are gaining ground by raising ungodly young people as agents in school to spread their movement in school and even in communities.

We were victim:

Early 2024, Sylvia and I with 2 other key strategic leaders of my department, drove to town to hold a strategic meeting in the office of the director of Communication of the Jesus film Project Cameroon.

The Children were left at home doing their assignment from school.

While we were planning, at our home, Joel and Witness were being initiated into a sect that a 14 years old child brought from his school into our community. After four days we noticed that Joel and Witness were reluctant to join family devotion. One day at about 6:30 pm Joel rushed into the house and Complaint that a child in the neighborhood slapped him. When i talked to the child, then i learnt that Joel owes him money due to the fact that Joel joins their game (sect) and failed the commandments. I was shocked to see how the enemy is so smart in his mission to capture even missionary Children.

God enabled us to conduct deliverance for our Children and also to those closed to our kids and launch transformational discipleship in homes

  “Operation Rescue” Igniting transformation

Form these group, key leaders were identified and trained on how to reach out to others using our evangelistic tools. See them going on a mission:

Success stories. 

“From home to school”

Rehmah age 10, testified of how he took the initiative and transferred what he learnt to his classmates by   sharing his faith that brought 5 of His peers to accept Christ and now desire to become like Christ. We are glad to see how quickly and smartly a young boy passionately shares his faith.

“Raising new Leaders”

Amazing to see how God is raising new leaders. This started with David who will  show up every Saturday bogging our kids to ask me when they are to kick off with the projections. David and Rehmah play the role of the town cryer as they rush into the quarter calling for their peers to come watch film and study the word of God. This week they were able to go in the neighboring community to project the film

Blessing and Joel are not left out as they distinguish themselves from the crowd in their participation. Very soon they will be leading the discipleship group meeting


 James our teacher

Thank God for James a spiritual son and teacher by profession who divinely stepped in and is committed to transfer Godly character into the lives of these children. Click here to see how James was raise by God through us.

Pray with us

  1. Thank God for moving in new dimensions enabling us to rescue the young people from sects.
  2. Pray more parents will be a part of this movement and to see more life transformational stories
  1. Pray for Blessing, and Joel, Witness and other key kids. May God be seen through them .pray for protection as they stand as front liners.

5. Pray for coaches, the new teams for fortification and the spread of more movements.

6.  Pray for fruitful Easter programs


By Mathias Tipa

Mathias TIPA is a full time missionary working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon since 1999. He answered the call of God while pursuing his studies in university. Mathias obtained a diploma in civil engineering, in mission and a degree in International development. Married to Sylvia and blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness.

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