Amstrong on Sunday April 8, 2018 preached with much anionting in a local Church in Yaounde. He was a blessing to the people and he too was blessed greatly.

In 2012, two boys Armstrong {a drug addict and University student} and James were presented the gospel and were invited over for dinner at our residence. This later permeated follow-up lessons for effective spiritual growth. Being challenged to reach out to their peers after training on Evangelism and Discipleship, they later reached to twelve 12 who were also trained and able to reach out within 5 days to 200 students during the University games in Yaounde. They had great testimonies from the effort. They were published in our previous post. Check the post from 2 to 12.

Today Armstrong answered a pastoral call and is in his 2nd year at the seminary school. He has a flaming passion to reach out to drug addicts, especially street children.  James on the other hand he is a youth leader in his local assembly and doing all to serve the Lord after his studies were ever the Lord will lead him.

Armstrong last visit to our residence, after a long talk, these words summarize his passion for the lost   ‘insatiable and unstoppable’

During the Christmas break Armstrong spent holiday with us in our home January 2018.

Mummy my passion for the lost especially for these children out there on the street increases daily. It’s like am unstoppable.

Training Armstrong peers in their seminary

The hand of God is on him and God is using him in many ways . Recently i was solicited by the seminary to come and train 160 young pastors to be effective as Armstrong. By the grace of God the train went on well and he was an encouragement for us and the students.  In Kumba GOD used him to bring many to Christ and are now were he is felloshiping. Drug addicts  have now repented and are in Church.


  1. Thank God for raising up new generation of Christ centered leaders as useful instrument in His hands.
  2. Pray for Armstrong that he finish well his studies and also pray for provission. We planned sending him support monthly but the enemy is fighting.
  3. Pray and thank God for all who are advancing the work with us.
  4. Pray for us we need a car for our mobility. By the grace of God both of us have obtained our driving licience.


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