This year one of the area where many people are thanking God is in the area of God impacting and changing lives.  It’s such a joy to share with you about how God impacted and changed a life for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

When God was in a process of raising up an instrument for his use, He brought us in the Sene. Before we came in, the instrument suffered persecution from his people after he was converted. His entire family was taken from him. He ran away from His community whereby he was playing a very important role serving his former people.
One day while i was in one of our missional gaps coordinating the translation of Jesus film adaptation workshop, He heard about it and show up to meet with me and there he started his discipleship program and training.  See pictures below.

1. Empowered for Impact

In the middle of his training under Jesus’ film Project, one day he came toward us so excited and shared with us on how God used him.  He spoke.

“One day a mad boy in the compound whom no one wanted to identify with him, happened to walk into my living room.  I received him despite the reproach from my neighbors asking I send him way. I saw him as normal human creature needing attention and love. I gave him physical and spiritual nourishment. He received Christ and I am actively in a discipleship process.  To prove that the mad guy was healed, his mother came in thanking me. She told me her son has been delivered and she firmly believes it’s thanks to the moments of spiritual nourishment, reading of the Bible and prayer”. The healed guy is almost at the point of sharing his faith with others.

One Sunday evening He decided to visit his spiritual son at home. The holy spirit convinced him not to go on Sunday but on a Monday. Which he obeyed and went for a visit. He visited his spiritual son in his shop rather than in his house. While in a shop a lady came in to buy. As he gave way for this woman to pass, in a twinkle of the eye, this lady fell on the ground. This scenario provoked an atmosphere of fear and panic. In the mist of the panic, he heard the holy spirit instruct him to pray for this lady. Even as he obeyed the instincts and prayed, many opted she be rushed quickly to the hospital. To his greatest surprise this lady woke up and stood on her feet and was surprised of what had happened. She was visited and delivered by God. As a result of this action people whom his spiritual son had ministered Christ to, said :
“This is what we want to see. Jesus is really in action. God in action”. They all gave their lives to Jesus. They received Christ into their lives.
Then he could conclude saying:
“I understood obedience to the leadership of God brings in a miracle from God.”


A trained expert from his former people heard how he has been converting his former people into Christianity. He was sent to go and convert him back to his former faith. This provoked an encounter with him. He went to his place with his disciple. This expert person not only was he convicted but affirmed that he has never seen a Christian of this caliber, who has sound knowledge of the Bible and the Coran thoroughly, because he has known the truth. At the end of their talk, he regretted why he brought his disciple because his disciple was convicted of the truth, he received from Alis short and clear presentation of the gospel.
The Muslim expert left so sad and weakened for he realized he had been preaching false heresies to many. He promised to come back because he had heard of the truth, but till date has never showed up.

After this encounter, he was so encouraged and left to his new mission field where he is facing challenges of having tools and means to effectively carry out the mission of raising more Christ-centered disciples that can weaken the spread of other religion and accelerate the Great Commission fulfillment.  He is preparing to launch a very strong holistic evangelistic movements that can be sustainable.


1.  Pray for protection, human, financial and material resources provision for the work.
2. God should use him to reach out to other Muslims for Christ as he is on the field.
3. His training to continue and right Impact.
4. I am planning a working visit to the three regions particularly to meet with him on the field to train him and those he has discipled and mobilized. I will also visit the teams on the ground and reinforce their capacity and carry out some field work with them. The distant is very far as such i am planning to take a flight from Yaounde  and i will travelling by road while from one region to another. Pray for provision for my trip.
5.  I will also conduct a review of walking with Jesus’ film with the people who speak Massa heart language in the same region. We just helped them last week to translate into their mother tongue the film. Pray for the Lord to provide the transportation, feeding, communication and funds for training materials.

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By Mathias Tipa

Mathias TIPA is a full time missionary working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon since 1999. He answered the call of God while pursuing his studies in university. Mathias obtained a diploma in civil engineering, in mission and a degree in International development. Married to Sylvia and blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness.

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